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Nexus Perfect World // GENERAL NEWS

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    Update v5

    21 May 2015 , by Striker

    How to Update: Download this new Patcher : Mega Direct Link¬† Open you Nexus Folder and extract it there. Overwrite all the files. If you don’t know how then simply delete the 3 folder : Patcher | Launcher | Config and extract the zip to replace those Open patcher and update to version 3 The update server was reset to...

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    Unable to connect to the serve...

    28 April 2015 , by Striker

    Hello, Having this issue you’re probably from the US or UK, I’m not sure why this is happening but your ISP is blocking the connection to our server or probably the other way around. To fix this you have to change your DNS settings and use Google’s More Details on how to fix

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    Double Voting Rewards

    26 April 2015 , by Striker

    You all know that double vote was enabled due to the failure of our authentication server to deliver your gold. As this is no longer an issue I had to disable the Double Voting reward to keep the server’s economics balanced a bit. From now one TopG and XtremeTop100 Gives your 10 Cubi each. Regards, Striker

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    Server Maintenance

    12 April 2015 , by Striker

    Hello everyone! Tomorrow, 13/04/2015 we will be doing a planned maintenance on the server at 14:00 / 2 PM Server time.

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    Patch v22-24

    10 April 2015 , by Striker

    Adjustments and improvements: Decreased the required mats for reforging Decreased the required mats for Honing

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    Patch v21-22

    8 April 2015 , by Striker

    Adjustments and improvements: Added Tokens to Boutique Shop Added Some Fashion in NPCs (Male Fashion III NPC and Female Fashion I NPC) Added back the Nirvana and Primal Random Stats Weapons Mob at Misfortunre and Guardian’s Keep now Drops Warsong Crystals

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    Patch v20-21

    6 April 2015 , by Striker

    New Features: New Dungeons (FB 19 – Den of the Rabid Wolves and FB 19 – Cave of the Vicious). New Gear for level 130 – Draxus Gear. New materials that drop from FB’s Bosses (Nexus Weapon, Armor and Ornament tokens). A lot of stability issues were fixed. A new website was implemented. A new User Panel was implemented. Server....

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